CTSA cc was officially registered in 2005. 2006 was spent Developing & Testing the product. In 2007 we refined the product & began Marketing. Using Cellular Technology we have unequaled coverage. Providing a Vehicle Tracking System that has been Tried and Tested extensively.

With the assistance of our Clients, our system has been tested throughout South Africa, and Across it’s Boarders. We have yet to identify an area that we cannot Track into. Currently Tracking in excess of 2600 Vehicles, and growing. Our Growth is based on “Word of Mouth” Marketing, stemming from the Confidence and Satisfaction of our Clients.

The primary function of the Countrywide Tracking System is Vehicle Location and Recovery. Client’s may determine their vehicle’s whereabouts at any time using their Cellular Phone. Owners of fleets exceeding 5 vehicles can have their profile set up on a webpage for easier tracking. The Countrywide Tracking system is compact and can be fitted in a multitude of places.
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Office no: 0800 983 615
Fax no: 0086 542 4725
Cell: 082 598 5031
Email us: info@countrywidet.co.za
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